Cboe Silexx Tutorials

Explore the features of Silexx

Watch our tutorial videos to learn what makes Cboe Silexx a world-class order and execution management system.

Welcome | 1:19

Navigating the Platform | 1:47

Typical Workflow | 1:07

Order Tickets | 1:19

FLEX Options | 1:00

Order Management, Order History, Trade Confirms | 1:25

Option Chain | 1:00

Setting Defaults | 2:55

Complex Order Book | 1:09

Admin Tools | 2:24

Workspaces and Layouts | 2:01

Portfolio Analysis Tools | 1:26

FIX Routing Network | 1:05

Reporting-Compliance | 0:57

OCC TIMS | 7:33

Other Modules | 1:42

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