Risk Analysis: RiskEdge

Manage portfolio and single-stock risk. Your way.

RiskEdge helps you generate alpha with unparalleled real-time tools for risk management.

  • Aggregate and view risk multi-dimensionally through our a highly customizable, flexible solution enterprise solution.
  • Manage large portfolios across multiple accounts, portfolios, strategies and other aggregation groupings in a powerful yet simple and intuitive way.
  • Analyze and manage risk in real time at any level, from a firm-wide view to an individual contract.
  • Access full historical risk information for business intelligence and reporting.

Screens and Reports

RiskEdge screens and reports help you monitor, scan, visualize, analyze and archive real-time portfolio and single stock risk. Available as in standard and user-defined formats.

  • Delta and Gamma hedging tools per underlyer or for a basket of names
  • Real-time edge monitoring tools to make position adjustments, sizing and capital allocation decisions
  • Historical portfolio risk snapshots and trends for capital allocation decisions, strategy performance analysis, and other business intelligence
  • Portfolio constructions tools that can show risk balance or concentration for a portfolio or aggregation group
  • Daily trade activity
  • Options contracts due to expire shortly, i.e., pin risk
  • Greek and profitability values for individual positions or an entire portfolio
  • P&L attribution based on Greeks, e.g., portfolio P&L, explained by position Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta
  • Historical and implied volatility by position
  • Earnings and dividends and their impact on estimated values and risk sensitivity
  • Call and put exercise screens and alerts
  • Prices and profitability of contracts and underlying shares


  • Filter and arrange portfolio risk data as you see fit
  • Export values from any screen or report to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Create custom risk scenarios for what-if analysis
  • Use proprietary tools for evaluating and modeling portfolio sensitivity surrounding earnings announcements
  • Define volatility levels to manage edge in portfolio


You can integrate RiskEdge with VolEdge volatility trade screening and idea generation tools, with Mosaic single stock analysis tools, and with third-party trading systems.


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