Streamlined listing support for ETFs trading exclusively on Cboe.

Whether your fund is brand new or decades old, Execution matters.

As an asset manager, addressing the evolving needs and interests of investors is your mission. Bringing unique and innovative Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) to market – focused on a particular industry, sector, stage, or country; or incorporating specialised strategies like covered calls, options, or synthetics – can lead to better investment outcomes. You need an exchange partner that shares your values, understands your business, and can help you reach investors.

Whether your fund is brand new or decades old, execution matters. Cboe’s best-in-class listing experience is committed to the entire fund lifecycle.

Over 20 ETFs Listed on Cboe Australia From 14 Issuers



Cboe Australia℠ has developed a solid track record listing Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), and other forms of innovative investment vehicles, in addition to transfers of funds from other exchanges. Our success is directly tied to our ability to listen to our issuers, offer innovative solutions and ongoing support, and provide an unmatched market data experience.

Why List Exchange Traded Funds with Cboe AUS?

True Partnership

With Cboe®, you gain access to a long-term partnership committed to doing what’s right for you and your investors, first. We offer strategic advice and introduce trusted partners to identify challenges and bring forward solutions. We simplify the listing process and provide ongoing capital markets insights and support once listed.

Access to Global Liquidity and Visibility

Through our network of stock exchanges in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Europe and Australia, Cboe is building the first-ever global listing experience. Imagine and realise the benefits of a coordinated launch and marketing experience when listing products on Cboe’s global exchanges. This is the new way to list with purpose.

Enhanced Liquidity

Driven by our unique market making program, we focus on quality of execution and enable enhanced liquidity to provide investors with a better experience when buying and selling your Cboe Listed ETFs.

ETF Trading and Liquidity Insights

Gain access to the high quality market information related to your suite of Cboe-Listed ETFs. The Australian ETF team is always available to respond to questions in real-time, as needed.

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