IBHY - Block/ECRP Trade Participants

In order to assist those market participants that wish to consider entering into Block Trade or Exchange of Contract for Related Position ("ECRP") transactions in Cboe® iBoxx® iShares® Corporate Bond Index ("CB Index") futures, Cboe Futures Exchange, LLC ("CFE") is providing a list of CFE Trading Privilege Holders ("TPHs") that have expressed interest in being considered as a potential contra party to Block Trade and ECRP transactions in CB Index futures and/or as an agent for the execution of Block Trade and ECRP transactions in CB Index futures.

This list is not an endorsement of the firms listed, and no significance should be attached to a firm's inclusion or omission. In connection with compiling this list, CFE has not investigated the background or disciplinary history of any of the firms or their associated individuals listed or whether or not they have any required registration status necessary to perform these functions.

This list may not be exhaustive since the list only includes those firms that have requested to be included on the list. Any CFE TPH that would like to be included in or removed from this list should complete the CFE Trading Privilege Holders Consent Form.

Clear Capital LLC

Tom Kalaway

[email protected]
(847) 927-0487

Eagle Seven LLC

Dan Fell

[email protected]
(312) 801-8539

RBC Capital Markets LLC*

Kevin Straine

[email protected]
(212) 437-2499

Flow Traders US LLC

Bas Tammens

[email protected]
(917) 210-5088

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC

Hugh Flannery

[email protected]
(212) 761-9602

Any non-TPH must utilize a TPH to execute the Block or ECRP trade as agent on behalf of that non-TPH just as a non-TPH would need to use a TPH to execute an order though CFE's trading system. In order for a TPH to act as agent for a non-TPH, that TPH would need to have any required registration or qualification to perform that function.

TPHs need to utilize Authorized Reporters to report Block and ECRP trades to CFE. Any individual that is a CFE TPH or a Related Party of a TPH that is pre-authorized by a CFE Clearing Member can register as an Authorized Reporter to report Block/ECRP transactions on behalf of the TPH by completing the Block Trade/ECRP Affiliated Authorized Reporter Registration and Guarantee Form. See CFE Rules 414(i) and 415(f) for more information regarding Authorized Reporter requirements. For more information on Block and ECRP trades, refer to the CFE Block/ECRP Guide.

*Agency Desk Only