Video FAQs

  • I cannot view the show.
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    First, please review and make certain you meet our browser requirements below:

    • Desktop Browsers
      Chrome latest
      IE 8,9,10,11. PC
      Firefox latest
      Safari latest
    • Desktop OS
      Windows 7
      Mac - latest iOS
      Windows XP
    • Device OS
      iPad: iOS 7 and iOS 6.1.2
      iPhone: iOS 7 and 6.1.2
      Android s4 - 4.0, 4.1 ,4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 (the variations were tested via an emulator - Browserstack )
      Android Note "GT-N700" (4.1.2)
    • Required Plug-ins: Most recent version of Adobe Flash Player
    • If the issue persists, please visit the e-mail link at the bottom of this page to report the issue to the Video Hub Staff. Please provide the following details in your email:
      • Which operating system are you running?
      • Which web browser and web browser version are you using?
      • What is your connection speed (dial-up or hi-speed, and what kilobits - K/Mbps - per second if known)?
  • What times are your daily broadcasts posted to the web site?
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    Show times vary somewhat based on production and technical requirements. Generally, broadcasts are posted as follows:
    Daily Market News
    In the Money with Angela Miles: Monday - Friday, 10:30 am - 11:30 am CST
    Volatility 411 from the VIX® pit: Monday - Friday, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm CST
    DRJ Options Report: Monday - Friday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm CST

    Weekly Programming
    What's Trading, featuring the Options Institute: Monday - Thursday
    The RUT Report with Angela Miles: Friday

  • How can I get notified when there is a new show available?
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    Follow us on Twitter to find out the minute we release new programming: @CBOE_TV. You may also subscribe to our free Video e-mail alert which is sent to subscribers whenever new content is available. Please log into your myCboe account in order to subscribe. Once you are logged in successfully, please click on Email Alerts under the myCboe menu tab at the far left.

  • Is the video content free?
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    Yes. There is no cost to view any of the video content.

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